Great Questions You Can Ask…Book Review

Great Questions You Can Ask…Book Review

Today I am departing from the usual format for my blog to review an excellent book titled “Power Questions: Build Relationships, Win New Business, and Influence Others”, by Andrew Sobel and Jerald Panas. (Copyright © 2012 by Andrew Sobel and Jerold Panas. All rights reserved. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey.)

As small business owners we are all concerned about one thing.  Sales.  Whether we are selling a product or a service, sales is the driver.

Yet people don’t want to be sold.  Many of us don’t want to be called “Salespeople”.  The very term conjures up all kinds of negative images.

I discovered a long time ago, selling is an art.  And, while it’s true people don’t want to be sold, they do want to be helped.  In order to help people you have to find out what they want.  How do you do that?

Ask questions.

Not just any questions, though.  But the kinds of questions that will help you build deep long lasting relationships with prospective clients and customers.  This is the real key to success for any business.

So where can you find these questions?  Enter the book “Power Questions” by Andrew Sobel and Jerald Panas.

In it, the authors use 35 mini case studies where they asked power questions of various people in the course of their consulting careers.  At the end of each case study there is a side bar describing alternative and additional questions that may be used in these situations.

The real bonus is in the last chapter of the book where the authors list 293 additional power questions and the situations in which they can be used.

I felt the one drawback to this book was the mini case studies all involved people who were very highly placed leaders and executives.  Don’t be put off by this.  These questions can be asked of any prospect, and can help you to build deep and rewarding relationships.

I highly recommend this book. If you would like to add this book to your library, you may click on the link below to order it. Please note: Click on the title shown below the image to order.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I am an Amazon Affiliate)

Power Questions: Build Relationships, Win New Business, and Influence Others“>

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